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We often get letters of appreciation from patients after their surgery and sometimes from their parents. We want to share a few with you.

  • E-mail from a Physician
  • Letter from a Student
  • Letter of Thanks
  • Letter of Appreciation
  • Letter of Appreciation from HIV Positive Patient
  • Diary of a Patient
  • Letter from a Mother


    E-mail from a Physician

    Dear Dr. Whitehead,

    I'm happy with the way it looks -- I feel like a new man! Thanks a million.



    Letter from a Student

    Dr. Whitehead,

    For many years I suffered the fear and shame associated with having a small penis. My adolescent and early adult years were filled with shame and low self-confidence as a result of my feelings of inadequacy as a man.

    This pain, caused by this "anatomical deficiency," shadowed every aspect of my life and has produced innumerable negative memories, which I have had great difficulty dealing with. Like many of the men that have shared my problem, I can remember avoiding many of the things in life that most people take for granted.

    I was always afraid to get into situations where I would have to shower with other men or be seen by anyone. I can remember avoiding many of the sports and activities that I loved dearly, all because I was afraid that I would be seen and made fun of. I avoided swimming, whitewater rafting trips and other summertime activities all because of this fear. I even avoided wearing shorts and tight clothes all because of my fear that others would notice me.

    The low self confidence that my problem caused even permeated my social interactions. I had trouble respecting myself, and so those around me had difficulties in doing the same. I avoided male friendships because I was afraid that I wouldn't be accepted because of my body. I turned down many opportunities to have relationships with beautiful women and I even had problems getting close to family members.

    During high school and college I was made fun of by others for having a small penis and this made my high school and college experiences dreadful.

    This problem has caused a great deal of grief in my life and it was not until I had the surgery about a year ago that my life began to turn around. Because of the surgery, I have begun to value myself both as an individual and as a man. It has given me the confidence I have always longed for and has allowed me to begin to pursue some of the dreams that I never thought I would be able live.

    Since the surgery I have been much more comfortable with myself in all situations, I have felt comfortable playing competitive sports again. I have made many close male friends and have even felt completely comfortable in locker rooms and other situations where I have had to undress in front of others. For the first time in my life I have a wonderful sexual relationship with a beautiful women and I feel completely comfortable with my sexuality. Overall, my social and professional interactions with others have improved dramatically.

    Initially, I was fearful of having the surgery done because I didn't know what to expect. However, the surgery turned out to have been a very wise choice. Physically, it doesn't even look as though I have had any kind of surgery done. I have been impressed by not only the normal appearance of my penis, but also by its normal feel. You can hardly tell that I have had any kind of penile surgery done.

    The service that you have provided me with has been extremely beneficial to my self-image and self-confidence. It has done wonders for both my personal and professional life. Thank you.





    Letter of Thanks

    Dear Dr. Whitehead,

    I want to express my thanks to you for my revisionary surgery. I am extremely satisfied with my results (symmetry, dimensions) and your expert technique.

    I perviously had dermal fat grafts and was not happy with the long term result.

    Your technique, using the alloderm material, is much less invasive, faster to heal, and much less pain than my pervious procedure.

    I would recommend anyone thinking of revisionary surgery of this type to you.

    Thanks again.



    Letter of Appreciation

    Dear Dr. Whitehead,

    I just wanted to write back to say thank you for all you have done for me.

    After being through the experience of a failed penile extension operation it was great to be dealing with yourself, someone I can trust.

    This operation means so much to me and I just hope it all turns out well - in fact it is the key to my whole life.

    My small penis made my life come to an overnight stop a few years ago when I realized my penis was not going to grow or develop any more. Since then I have been battling to solve the problem via various medical professionals who have all been unable to help or who bungled their treatment for me.

    At least now I have found you I know the treatment and surgery I receive will be the best in the world.

    The added trouble with this problem is that I have been too ashamed to tell anybody, which makes it hard to deal with. It is hard mentally and physiologically to bottle it up and hard practically to search for treatments and cures without anybody finding out.

    It is also hard to make up excuses and lies about why I have stopped certain activities and sports.

    I always wanted to join the Army as my career choice and this became impossible when I realized my penis was not going to develop or grow any more. After telling everyone I ever met since I was a small child that I wanted this career, it was difficult to have to make up excuses as to why I had changed my mind suddenly.

    I was also always playing some sort of team sport every evening and weekend and had to lie about why I quit all of those teams and clubs.

    The thing I missed most was the changing room camaraderie and male bonding associated with these sports which was always something I enjoyed and was a big reason behind me wanting to be in the Army as a career. I now felt ashamed to even go to the urinals in a public place and have made sure I never use these whilst other men are there too.

    I had always enjoyed having really close strong friendships with men. Not at all in the sexual way, but just getting so close to someone that you become solid, lifetime best friends who go through life together, know each others lives inside out, and can talk about anything together. I have now virtually cut myself off from all my friends and they of course have no idea why.

    It shattered my-self esteem and I had zero confidence in myself. I felt a complete and utter failure in everything. This affected every activity in my whole life, especially in my part time job where I felt undermined, even though it was only in a shop selling CDs.

    I felt inadequate, inferior, and ashamed. I lost all sense of masculinity and self respect.

    All this led me to suffer from clinical depression. As I would not tell anyone what the problem was (and still haven't), I was prescribed Seroxat (Paxil or Paroxetine) to lift me out of the depression.

    This obviously hasn't worked. The only way I will be cured is if I cure the underlying problem - my small penis.

    After telling Dr. Salkin all of this he not only cleared me for surgery with you but he recommended that I have it done.

    He said surgery to enlarge my penis is exactly what I need to help me both psychologically and emotionally. Once I know the final results and outcome of the enlargement, if all has gone well, he said my depression will disappear overnight.

    I am sorry to have just wasted your time with my life story.

    I only meant to write to say thank you but it is a great release to finally have someone who knows about the problem that I can mention these things to.

    I hope to be able to report back to you with some great results and look forward to sending you pictures.

    Hopefully then I can get my life back on track and start to live a proper, decent life.

    Once again, thank you very much for your help and assistance.

    You have literally saved my life.

    Yours sincerely,

    Three Months Later the Patient Reported Back

    The Allograft Dermal Matrix Graft (Alloderm ®) which had been used to widen my penis has been an absolute miracle. I expected it to feel slightly weird and strange as though it wasn't really a part of me. I thought I would not be able to feel it when I touched it. I could not have been more wrong. It doesn't feel any different to how my penis used to. I have been very impressed by this.

    Also, there is no way in the world anybody can tell that it is there. It doesn't look lumpy and it doesn't have any contours - the appearance is absolutely normal.

    After my experience with the penile surgery that went wrong, I had totally lost all faith in doctors and felt I could not trust any of them.

    You have restored that faith completely.

    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely,


    Letter of Appreciation from HIV Positive Patient

    Just wanted to send you a note and let you know how much I appreciated the time you spent with me to discuss my interest in having a secondary widening procedure.

    I would like to go forward with the procedure.

    It is difficult to believe that over a year has passed since you repaired the fat transfer augmentation that I had done by another surgeon. I am very satisfied with the result we were able to achieve with the Alloderm product - and I have a great respect for your
    aesthetic and surgical finesse.

    Before I decided to have the revisionary surgery, I spoke to several surgeons. You and your staff impressed me with the amount and quality of written information you provided, as well as your prudent requirements for medical clearance. I consider myself a fit and healthy individual -- and I have been HIV+ since 1987. My HIV status was an issue with some of the surgeons I contacted. However, you saw me as a whole person and accepted my medical history and me with professionalism and understanding. Since I do not have any health issues that contradicted the revisionary surgery, my personal physician provided the medical clearance you requested - and the resulting surgery was a great success without any complications.

    Thanks again!


    Diary of a Patient

    In 1998 I saw an ad in the paper talking about penile augmentation by the fat injections. That particular ad brought incredible feelings out of me, feelings of fear, excitement, and shame. I couldn't wait to make the first telephone call just to find out what it was all about.

    The clinic was about 2.5 hours away from my home town. I made an appointment and came to see the doctor and get a little bit educated. Photographs were shown to me and it didn't take me long to understand that this is what I wanted. I never had any problem with my sexual performance, but ever since I remember myself as a very young teenager, I felt totally uncomfortable with my own body. That particular ad reminded me of how shameful it was to be in the military and wait for everybody else to go and take a shower and then sneak quickly and be alone in the shower. How every time when I met a new girl it was so essential to have a sexual relationship in the dark and never to be exposed. These were feelings that made me uncomfortable living within my own body. I felt I needed to free myself within the imprisonment that I was in.

    In 1998 I had the first treatment done. A year later I had it repeated by another physician. That lasted for a very few months and left me with nodules and an unevenness and with a feeling of softness. I was extremely unhappy. I went see a urologist who suggested that I see girls with smaller vaginas, that I actually had no problem, that I was average, that I was normal and it was all in my head. When that didn't work out he suggested that I go see a sexologist. After spending a few sessions with the sexologist he just reiterated to me that I didn't have any sexual problem, that the problem was totally within the imagination and the perception that I was living with all of my life.

    A friend of mine in Miami heard of Dr. Whitehead, found the internet site and was very impressed, contacted me, and sent me all the information. From overseas I contacted that office and from then on within two weeks I was totally informed with a packet of information. Dr. Whitehead himself made contact with me. The office staff was extremely helpful in answering every question that I had and forwarded the correct instructions. I had my preoperative tests and medical clearance, as routinely done, in my country. When all of that was faxed to the office, a date was set and I came to see Dr. Whitehead and spent 4 days in New York.

    That visit included a very through preoperative appointment with Dr. Whitehead which included consultation, very informative forms that were given to me. Dr. Whitehead spent about 3/4 of an hour with me explaining the entire procedure. He went over where the incisions would be and how it would look. He talked with me about realistic expectations. He talked to me about postoperative instructions and follow-up necessary. The office staff treated me with incredible patience, understanding, and total professionalism. I spent a lovely day in New York and then the following day my procedure took place the first thing in the morning. My friend flew in from Miami to pick me up and stayed the night with me which made me very comfortable. The following day I came to see Dr. Whitehead for the first follow-up appointment.

    To my amazement I didn't even have to use any of the pain medication that Dr. Whitehead had prescribed. I was totally within normal comfort limits. I walked into the office as if nothing had happened to me the day before and that only reminded me of the first time when I had my treatment in 1998 in my country. I was walking for about three weeks like a duck, literally like a duck, so that was quite a difference this time.

    Dr. Whitehead checked my incisions, he checked my dressings to his satisfaction. He reiterated every postoperative instruction, made contact and wrote a personal letter to a physician in my country instructing him how to follow-up with me. He made it very clear to me that his office is always available for any questions that I may have and at any time my telephone calls would be welcome. I spent another day in New York and flew back overseas to my home.



    It is now one month later after my procedure. I measured myself and I have gained an inch in length in my flaccid state and about 40% in my circumference. The widening is absolutely a beautiful feeling, it�s a feeling of firmness and evenness. My erections are the same angle as before and the same strength that I had before. There is no change in any of my sexual activities from before. I feel a lot freer and a lot happier with my personal relationships with women.


    It is now six weeks later and I called the office of Dr. Whitehead yesterday, spoke to the doctor who instructed me about ordering weights. The weights will be ordered tomorrow. I will start using them as soon as they come according to the instructions that were given to me very specifically. I have resumed my life as usual.


    It is now three months after my procedure. There is virtually no change in the look from the time of the procedure itself. The length gain stayed, the width gain stayed firmly and evenly. I am extremely happy. I look forward to being in touch in three more months.


    It is now six months since the surgery. Looking at myself, I am totally free within my own body. There are no physical changes from the day of the procedure. The firmness, the length, the width all stayed the same as I had expected and as was discussed with me previously. I whole-heartedly recommend to anyone who has ever gone through any one of my feelings that I described at the beginning, to undergo Dr. Whitehead's procedure. And should you ask me, knowing the results that I have today, "Would you undergo the procedure again?" -- there is no question in my mind, that, considering the procedure itself, the slight discomfort, the incredible results and the psychological free feeling that I have, I would recommend it to anyone.



    Letter from a Mother

    Dear Dr. Whitehead,

    It was a pleasure to meet you. I wish to take this time to thank you for all you have done for my son. He suffered for so long for many reasons. In short, you have given him his life back, and for that I am grateful.

    He and I both thank you again for your time, generosity and thoughtfulness to us on our stay in New York.

    Most sincerely,


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