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Surgical Penis Enlargement, Penile Lengthening and Penile Widening Surgery by Phalloplasty Surgeon E. Douglas Whitehead, M.D.
Dr. Whitehead specializes in penile enlargement surgery, including penis lengthening, penile widening and glanular enhancement  with expertise in penile prosthesis. Click here for more on penis enhancement surgery.
Before and After Gallery for
Surgical Penis Enlargement

We are not offering surgery at this time.

In my practice more than 80% of patients have penile lengthening and penile widening together. Only approximately 5% have penile widening alone and less than 5% have penile lengthening alone. Many patients are now choosing to have glanular enhancement at the same time that they have other procedures.

The postoperative photos are immediately after surgery. The slight amount of swelling and color changes are not present when the dressing is removed and there is a nice cylindrical contour to the penis.

The percent circumference (girth) gain depends on preoperative circumference and amount of Allograft dermal matrix graft used. (*)

We expect a greater length gain than noted immediatly after surgery in the flaccid and erect state after use of the stretching program. (**)

Individual results may vary.

Our gallery is organized into 16 sections:

  1. Penile Lengthening

  2. Penile Widening

  3. Glanular Enhancement

  4. Flaccid Penile Straightening

  5. Correction of Penoscrotal Webbing (Turkey Neck)

  6. Penile Lengthening and Penile Widening

  7. Penile Lengthening and Glanular Enhancement

  8. Penile Lengthening and Penile Widening and Glanular Enhancement

  9. Penile Lengthening and Penile Widening and Glanular Enhancement and Circumcision
  10. Penile Lengthening and Penile Widening and Glanular Enhancement and Scrotal Recession (Tissue Tuck)
  11. Penile Lengthening and Penile Widening and Pubic Lipectomy and Glanular Enhancement

  12. Correction of Retractile Penis

  13. Correction of Buried Penis

  14. Secondary Penile Widening and Glanular Enhancement

  15. Penile Glanular Disproportion

  16. Low Circumcision with Partial Remaining Glans Cover (Foreskin Modification)

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