This site is about Penis Enlargement and Penis Enlargement Surgery. Dr. Whitehead specializes in penis enlargement through penis lengthening surgery, penis widening surgery and glanular enhancement surgery.

Before and After Pictures

Patient 6

Patient underwent revision of infrapubic scar, removal of lipotransfer fat and insertion of Allograft Dermal Matrix Grafts (Alloderm®) and glanular enhancement with Allograft Dermal Matrix Grafts (Alloderm®).
Lipotransfer Fat
RESULT: Virtually normal appearing penis with smooth and normal feeling contour and almost 1/2 inch wider than what he had after fat injection (lipotransfer fat) AFTER fat removed and Allograft Dermal Matrix Grafts (Alloderm®) inserted. Patient gained greater than 1/2 inch penile length from Allograft Dermal Matrix Grafts (Alloderm®). He gained greater than 30% in the flare of the glans (head of penis) (glanular enhancement) from placement of Allograft Dermal Matrix Graft (Alloderm ®) under proximal glans cap.

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