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Male Sexual Dysfunction, Penile Implant, Penis Enlargement Surgery by Phalloplasty Surgeon Surgeon E. Douglas Whitehead, M.D.
Phalloplasty Surgeon
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    The staff at New York Phalloplasty and the Association for Male Sexual Dysfunction invite you to a private consultation. Dr. Whitehead personally consults with and examines each patient to assure the highest quality medical care and to discuss each man's unique needs. You are encouraged to call with any questions.

    All pre-operative and post-operative care is personally provided by Dr. Whitehead.

    Dr. Whitehead operates in state of the art ambulatory facilities in New York City.

    If you have further questions, or would like to make an appointment for an initial in-office consultation with Dr. Whitehead, please call:

    New York Phalloplasty / Association for Male Sexual Dysfunction
    1-800-575-1112 or 1-212-794-1616

    Alternatively, you can use our Internet Response Form to contact us, and our staff will call you back.

    For information on how to contact me free of charge from outside the United States, please go to our AT&T USA Direct page for instructions.

    Please review the "About the Office" page for my office hours and surgical schedule and "About the Doctor"page.

    E. Douglas Whitehead, M.D., F.A.C.S.
    24 East 12th Street, Suite 2 - 1
    New York, NY 10003
    Toll-free Telephone: 1-800-575-1112
    International Telephone: +212-620-5308
    Phone: 1-212-794-1616

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